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Animation 2D in After Effects

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Animation 2D in After Effects

Hi people
I need to know how I can do this movement and others (such as those presented in the Animatic below, all the actions that are done with the hand and arm)

It is for my Animation and Design class, I chose 2D as a type of animation, but it is essential for this work to make use of the AFTER EFFECTS tools, such as Duik or the Puppet Tool, although you can also use traditional animation for certain parts if it were needed.

I also need to make a scheme of the rig, so
Should I do a Rig also for the fingers? Or can these be cut / drawn in Ps / Illustrator?

Here I leave my rig

2D animation is now ready to

2D animation is now ready to create small cartoons. A lot of similar content on YouTube. This is quite popular and sometimes interesting.