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3d animation studio for outsourcing work

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3d animation studio for outsourcing work

Dear sir:

Shanghai Yuxi-Culture media co., ltd is a professional creation team to make digital animation and game outsourcing, founded by industry veterans from ubi soft. We are good in make realistic style artwork and have the capability and experience in providing our customers with best-quality and price-competitive services.
For more information , please check our website : , there are some portfolios in it , waiting for your kindly reply , thank you!

best regards

Attn: Vincent Sun
Tel: 86-021-39586109
Add: Room 2607, No. 1958, Zhongshan North Road , Putuo District, Shanghai, China

Looking forward to see your digital animation and artwork in this website!!
Hoping to learn from them as well...And these portfolios are worth appreciating!!
Good job!:)

3D Studio Maxis one of the top-line 3D modeling and animation packages on the market. It has all the tools a user needs to create a model and animate it. It is used by major movie studios, television networks and marketing firms to create animation. 3D Studio Max is a complex program, with many features and functions, but the basic process of creating an animation in it involves three main processes.