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Neenja The Way Of The Harut

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Neenja The Way Of The Harut

So I finally got some one to compose original music for my Neenja Series. Neenja is a story of an Armenian Taxi driver who finds out he is a lethal Ninja and has to save the world with his new ninja powers.

Here's Part 1

Here's part 2

Relay this message to Nick, excellent job on the music.

How many people do you have working on your series?

I will thanks. Nick works on the music, Angelo Vilar did the backgrounds, I do all the writing, animating, character design, and the voice of Harut and Sah. Lucien Dodge does the voice of the villan and the man who brings her the book.

That's really good work. Best of luck with it!

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I remember seeing this on Newgrounds, I really liked it. The animation is great and the characters move so naturally, it's especially entertaining to watch dialogue. Lot's of great subtleties and expressions!

Excellent work,i personally like music a lot..keep it up.
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Good job with the Music! Compliments the Animation well.

Dismas and GrissyG

LOVE IT! Yes, the music is good, but the actual Bakshi-esque animation and VO's are fantabulous! :) :)

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wao!!! this is funny, could you tell us about the process (new guy here)

workflow, software, how long have you been animating......

men! this have to be a tv series!!!!!


I luv it. if you want we can compile it together in an animation series and i can talk to cartoon network asia head he is my good friend. We can get into some kindda co-production or somethin . Lemme know.

You are really good