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Open Source Software

Hi Gang

I noticed a thread on Synfig. It had not been updated in a while. I thougt I would ask if any one is using Synfig or blender? I am at a loss of which program to obtain and stick with. Everytime I try, I'll read or see an example of work with another program. Is anybody doing anything cool here with open source.

Synfig is 2D and Blender is 3D. You need to pick which way you wont to go. If you are more into 2D art then stick with it. Make sure you get a stable version of whatever program you download.

I know, this is not a lot of help. Oh, there are a lot of books on both programs.

Another Open Source animation software is PENCIL .

Saw this today, if you are still interested in this subject.

Still very interested. Still very confused. :confused:

Still very interested. Still very confused. :confused:

What is the confusion ? Are you unsure whether you want to 2D or 3D ?
Why not try both ?

All of the software posted in this thread are open-source freeware.

No risk to download them and try them out. Blender, Synfig , Pencil . Give 'em a try.

Hi David.

Yes I am torn between 2D and 3D. I love 2D and a lot of the 2D cartoons over the years. But a part of me tells me I ought to get into 3D because its new technology.

Just when I think I am going to devote some QT to an app, I learn about another one. For instance, TODAY even, I just learned about iClone. They say its easier to use than Blender and it not too expensive. So now I am looking into that.

I wish I could spend more time animating! I should point out that I am a hobbyist.

Why not learn both?
the concepts are the same, you just use different tools to achieve it. When you get the hang of animation generally you can jump in and quickly learn to use different tools .They are all quite similar, the terminology is industry standard, the tools works pretty much the same. Be it digital puppets or hand drawn images.