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Flash animation in TV Form

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Flash animation in TV Form

I'm wondering if there is a way to take an swf file and see how it would look on a television set. Would it look identical on TV as is does on a computer screen? Should I convert it to AVI or some other format? Or is there even a way to hook my pc up to my TV set so I can get a sense of what it looks like on a tv set?

Also curious of as to how tv shows do it, converting from their original files to tv broadcast. I've seen some animated programs on different channels, same episodes, and they look slightly different depending on the channel. Any idea why this happens?

There are converter programs to move your SWF files to DVD. Sorry but I can not remember any names.

If you have a newer flat pannel tv, look on the back if there is a computer imput. That would be the easiest way to hook it up to your computer. There are other ways, but I don't know them.

I wouldn't play and SWF. SWF's are processor dependant, so if you have a slowish computer it won't play in real time. I'd export an AVI to see what it would look like.

Every studio has their own way to export for broad cast. Some export image sequences, others bring the files into After Effects and export through that. There is no real set standard.

As for the same show looking different on different channels? I don't know. Maybe you are getting some interferance on some channels and not others causing the signal to be less clean.

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ive done this quite often, 99% of the time we have taken a sequence output in .TGA and then gone to a composite program like Vegas or Premiere where its cued up with sound and music. Then rendered according to requirement.

Ape is right, if you play off an swf depending on size it might not even play right or the sound might be miscued.

best to export an Xvid avi or something, they maintain quality and size is not too big.