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New Program in 3D Digital Design at RIT

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New Program in 3D Digital Design at RIT

I just wanted to let everyone know that we have a new program at RIT in the School of Design in 3D digital graphics. RIT already had programs in animation, new media design, game programming, digital photography, digital cinema, computer graphics in CS, etc. This new program (3DDG) supports students who want to work in 3D, perhaps in film or games or virtual worlds or other areas. People who want to be animators should apply to that program, but folks interested in modeling, lighting, rigging, motion graphics, creating installations, tangible interfaces, etc. should consider this new program.

In the freshman year the program provides curriculum which combines learning 3D software with drawing and design courses. The program culminates in a Senior Thesis project and provides the opportunity for students to take a minor or concentration in any other program on campus, including things like computer science, etc.

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