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Daley Sketches

Hello all!

I have been doing some daily sketches, and I will try to post them here on this animation forum! Here is one for today, you can see past ones at my blog,

Don’t want none unless you’ve got buns, hon! Enjoy!

Thank you Rackham!

I wanted to share some art before the weekend!

A couple of drawings and some café sketches from the sketchcrawl last weekend here in San Francisco.


End of the week and its time to head home with your catch. Have a great weekend!

Dude, you have to much fun with it don't you? These are cool.

Another great weekend! Here’s a little snippet with Meghan and I at Dolores park on Monday!

hey Bio I have a question?

How large is your format (page size) you work in?


Awesome crowd scenes...I love these!.

Gift giving is also appreciated in the ocean. Happy Monday all!

To me, the most interesting point of most super-hero stories is when they discover the use of their powers.

These are great. The style is nice, and as has been said before the Marker renders are very nice (I'm a marker fan myself) Roughly how long does each one take you if you don't mind me asking.

Reality is stranger than Fantasy

Your stuff is awesome.

Man...I love yer work!!


I really like Rasputin, he looks very nice and spooky :)

Here are some more sketches from the past couple of weeks. Enjoy and happy Friday! Happy T-day weekend in Canada to all of the northerners.

A surfing bear. Its really nice out today, and I wish that I was at the beach or park!

Extremely charming work! Thanks for posting these, your consistency of quality, imagination, and posting power is inspiring. Now for some questions...When do you usually make time to draw? In the early morning? Late night? Coffee break? Do you stay conistent with that personal drawing time or does it flucuate? Thanks and again mighty fine work:D

Nice work. Really like this style.


good stuff. nice lines...:).

Thank you Leechkin!

A public altercation, and the end to a friendship.

I'm utterly sold on the Icarus guy. My kinda character!

Thanks Blair! i usually make time to draw in the morning at work, before I begin. I et to work early to do this. Sometimes that time will fluctuate, but right now its just important to me to finish a drawing a day to keep myself consistent.

Another forest discovery for today!

all od these have the flavor of someone else who used to post here.....Great job dude keepem coming


Of course, big brothers are always around to put things into perspective. Enjoy!

A new special friend! Enjoy the weekend!

Thanks Cartuneman!

Thank you Doubt! I have not worked as a straight board artist, although would love to at some point!

Some sketches from this week. Enjoy!

one more!

Okay, continuing on with the epic mini-saga >; P Have a great weekend, relax! Put things into perspective.

Cartuneman: Haha, I do have fun, thanks for seeing that. Sorry I have not been posting as often, I was pretty busy for a while there. Hopefully, i can post more frequently now.

Thanks Katana, the street scenes are from the latest sketchcrawl meeting, you should check them out! Its fun to walk around and sketch for a day.

RealityTwist, thanks I like markers because they can be so fast. I try to spend about an hour on the drawing and scanning, just as a warmup in the morning.

Thanks Chairman and Brooklyn!

Here's a star-bellied sneetch for today. Enjoy!

Awesome drawings. Very nice style.

Biocreep, you are so prolific. Keep it up!

Visit my website:

Claire O'

Have a magical Friday!


Keepem coming dude! I've been standing by waiting hahahaha:D



Hey do you have a site I could look at? I'd love to link you on mine.


Sorry for being such a tardy post person, but thanks for the info. Man, it would be hard for me to draw in the early morning, let alone move. I see your mornings kinda like the sequence in the orginal Rocky, when he gets up super early in the morning to run the streets of Philly, except you would be up early in the morning drawing the streets of Philly;) . Again I love your stuff and I really enjoy the latest pencil and perspective work that you've been doing. Great work:D

Welcome to the forum, Biocreep.

Your drawings are really strong and I admire anyone who can use markers. I love your sense of colour, how stick to just a few hues. Your blog is nice too.

Looking forward to seeing more.

Visit my website:

Claire O'

I must say, your pictures are nice. I really look forward to seeing more.


Thanks guys!
Here is a batch of sketches from this week. Enjoy!

Fantastic stuff! I especially like the first one...lots of energy...interesting lighting...perfect proportions and understanding of figure and foreshortening.

Ummm...let's pretend I know what I'm talking about ok...otherwise...just know that I dig yer stuff!


Fantastic job, on each and every one!!

Thanks Cobster! Thanks Jeemii2!

Sending letters to loved ones on summer days. Enjoy!

Thanks Cobster

A wonderful weekend, ending in the park. Enjoy the beginning of the week!

Dreaming of a sunset balloon ride : ). Enjoy your day!

A firefight for today!

Thanks homies!

and Happy New Year! Phew, I don’t know where 2007 went, but it was fantastic! I hope to have an even better year in 2008. Here are some recent drawings, going back a bit to the more whimsical and light-hearted style. Enjoy!

Also, check out the Facebook application, Karma that my friends and I have been creating. The idea is to send Karma and to receive Karma from your friends. There are specific Karma to send out for special occasions. Go ahead and join up, we have 10,000 active users after 10 days. Generate good Karma! Don’t get reincarnated as a lizard!

Here’s the site:

Here is a pic of the Karmas that you can unlock:

C and C welcome as usual
-Mike D

ps. Catruneman I work at 1x1.85, feature standard

You guys should make figures of those karma creatures. If the app takes off I bet you'll pull in a few bucks...

Thank you so much Blair! i should hum the Rocky theme to myself!

Cartuneman, my website is and my blog is

Whats your site? I will link you!

Here are my sketches from this week!! Enjoy the weekend!

Andone more, because of the stiff rules:


I love your work and your tanasity to do art like this to show every week!


By the way. Welcome to the forums!!! I'm so bad about not posting anything or commenting of late.
forgive me:o

Thank you Cartuneman!!

A little visit to the savannah. Enjoy!


First off I checked out your blog and then your site. Loved them both. I linked your blog and will your site, tonight and here is my blog