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Entertainment Art Academy

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Entertainment Art Academy

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to tell you about EAA in Pasadena, CA. Check out our site at

We will be holding online classes and events this term! Below is a link to the top talent that has come to our academy or that is teaching right now.

If you are interested in getting on to our contact list go here.

I hope we can help you with your career and inspire you to your best!


Hi Mike and welcome to the AWN Forums.

Looks like a lot of great classes. Makes me wish I didn't have to work and could go back to school full time again.

Just wondering if the school will be offering drop in life drawing workshops for non-students? I didn't see anything like that on the site, but I only poked around the site alittle bit and could've missed it.

the Ape

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drawing workshops

Yes, ape, we have drawing workshops on Saturday mornings from 9;30am to 12:30pm. It costs $15 per session or $120 for ten sessions that you can use over a 6 month period. Our weekend events are great for artists that don't have the time to enter a full term class. Check out the events. August is up right now and in a few weeks, we will post the FAll.


Fall 2006 term

Entertainment Art Academy opens for Fall Registration!

EAA starts its Fall classes on Sept 11th! Come see all the exciting production based and traditional art classes we have to offer. This term we will be launching ONLINE classes and events! Live anywhere in the world and learn from the entertainment industryÕs top artistic talent. Either take a full term class or register for an event. We also have started a DVD library found in our online store. We look forward to assisting you in your inspirations.


Mike Mattesi