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A bit frustrated

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A bit frustrated

I was getting frustrated with my 3D animation, so here's a small thing I threw together in like 20 min in flash which I had some fun making.


I know you said this wasn't serious, but if it were the arm swings could use less inbetweens to show the power and force.

Looks great I think!! It really expresses so much emotion with the action, and the ruff look of the lines get it out, too.

I can relate as I've had some frustration with my own fledgeling 3D efforts lately, which I'm extra new at. I just have to adapt everything I learned (or shoulda learned, or almost learned) about 2D to 3D. I like to think things'll improve when I actually buy some good software and quit using freeware (not to be confused with piratewear).

Cartoon Thunder
There's a little biker in all of us...

Awesome, David. I dig.

I can really relate to it right now.


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