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Time coding in flash5

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Time coding in flash5

I am working in Flash5. My problem is that I want my animation to run after every 5 minutes.
I mean that when I run my fla file, it should load my animation when 5 minutes has passed, then there
should be a break and screen should become blank , and then again after 5 minutes it should appear
and run.
I want this process to keep on happening.
An IMPORTANT point is that, I want the coding to be in FLASH5.
If done in the form of fla filewill be very appreciated.
Thank you,

Hay Mab,
with regards to the scripting , you would get a lot more help from forums like [U][/U]

You would use the get timer function, but like spacemonkey said there are better formums for this kind of advice. is the best one to start with.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.