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Does anyone know any good books or web sites that show sequences of movements broken down into individual frames,

Do a Google search on Eaweard Muybridge and you will find a few sites with his work also there are some good books with his work in them too.

The Animation Survivak Kit by Richard Willaims is a great book with many examples of walk cycles and numerous other actions broken down frame by frame.


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Many digital cameras now come with a feature to record not a straight video like an MPEG but a sequence of frames, 16-32 usually. Handy if you're capturing a willing subject and want to get a general idea how how they're moving...Mine's just a Sony CyberShot, not too expensive, but I can only assume everything else from there on up has a similar feature.

The exact title and author escapes me at the moment, but the book on Timing for Animators is a good one as well, not so much because of sequenced drawings, which it has a few of for illustrating ideas, but also for how to concieve of how to plan sequences.

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that's by halas and batchelor

i believe, mr. rupert, and a very fine book indeed, especially on the physics of falling objects, among other things.

also Preston Blair books-- our bible during the first years.

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That's the one. Really useful, but not thick with explanations. They show rather than tell. Sometimes I'll flip through it at bedtime.

Cartoon Thunder
There's a little biker in all of us...

Timing for Animation

The book is by Whitaker. It was out of print for a long time and is back again.

- Marla