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The Website

Hey All,

Thought I would post my website up here as well. Just finished it let me know what you think. Should have some layouts up later this week. I am pumping out the keyframes and animation this summer so should be uploading alot more in the weeks to come.


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Nice site Rob. You've got some nice animation up on your site. Fun stuff.I went to SCAD myself... graduated in May of '03. Enjoy your last year.

Nice work!

Hey Rob, nice site and great work to go with it! I really like the bit with 'Dario' and the moving truck. Some really nice movement in there.

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Thanks guys appreciate the responses. Always nice to hear comments on your own work!

nice work

nice site! like the animation section, good luck with your final project.

just one tip tho, with your talent, don't get a big head...



Heh heh I will keep that advice in mind Flash man! I would like to be someone enjoyable to work with not someone who all the co-workers talk about!

im sure u r! u know i was just kiddin neway!

keep it up


I have to admit. I am impressed with your demo reel. It sure makes a difference with grads of 3D animation when they learn 2D as well. Your timing is very nice.

They must be doing something right at that SCAD. Maybe that Larry Lauria is not so bad a teacher, regardless of what Jchap says about him. Just kidding, Chappy.... (and Larry of course). That reel sheds some light for me on the quality of edu-ma-cation that comes from SCAD. Glad I saw it.

Keep it up!


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Thanks wade very appreciated. It was beaten into my head by Larry that you cant go anywhere with 3D unless you understand the traditional principles. And you are right Larry is a great teacher! By far one of the best I have had! If you really want to see some talented work that just came out of SCAD check out David B's site.

He is also a fellow student of Larry!

Some very nice work Rob. I can really see Larry's influence on your work. And thats a good thing :D Your traditional work had a very nice feel to it, better than your 3D work, but I know that will get better in time. One little comment though. I thought your staging of the ninja fiddling with the remote could have been clearer. Other than that, very nice. Very nice indeed. Did you say you gradutated or do you still have some school left?

The Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

Great Site!

Hello Rob,

Great site- I will have time to see the animation later! Caught me off guard- thanks for the wonderful comments.

I'm here in Cologne...for a while!

Take care.


Hey Ape,

Thanks for the comments as well. To answer your question no...I still have a full year of school left. I should be out and looking for work next spring. Thanks for visiting the site!


Well Rob, I won't say "you'll have no problem finding a job when you finish," because nothing is ever for certain. But if this is your junior year work, I'm sure you'll have an even stronger demo reel to show when you get out into the job market.

The Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

great looking site!

Rob - you're new site looks awesome!

I'm also attending SCAD - I'm surprised we haven't run into each other. I'm usually working in the systems office tho, or periodically fixing those 2D capture stations LOL. Anyway, just wanted to give you props on your site - it looks great!

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Thanks KMS! Yeah you will usually find me in one of the labs on the second floor sitting infront of a computer trying to get the motion right for some animation.

Thanks for the comments!