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Portable Lightbox Design

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Portable Lightbox Design

I'm trying to find designs for portable lightboxes, for someone interested in designing a new portable lightbox for animation students. Can anyone recommend a website or resource?


Try this link.I have one, its very affordable (20-30 bucks I think?)
I dont know if this is "big" enough but good for a beginner (like myself)

animation light boxes

If you want an animation light box (rather than an ordinary light box), the difference being that it comes with Acme Pegs, check:

The second one is cheaper. At Cartoon Colour you can order an inking board (under art tools) and build your own light box under it, but if you consider time and money for the supplies to build the box (unless you just happen to have the lying around), it probably won't save you much over getting the least expensive box from cartoon supplies.

Happy shopping, Marla

I've been looking for designs myself...

Hi there,

I too have been doing some research and found the following make-your-own pages...

Hope they're of some use! ;) I think the best thing is to adapt a design to your own needs, get the right light wattage (as low as possible to avoid over-heating) and knock some wood together. Most of all, follow their advice... they've tried it before, after all... we're new to this carpenting biz!

Best of luck x :)

Hey thanks for the leads guys, I have made a hybrid light box combining a bit of all the advice!! Gee it makes a difference thats for sure.Now...where did I put that pile of paper... :confused:

I ended up using a fluro tube light,the one mechanics use etc,it has a long 5 metre cord and can be removed from the back in an instant.Here are a few pics guys

(I have attatched 2 uploaded jpg's so fingers crossed as I cannot see them


Rob :confused:

Too easy

Yes I can, so are clips done the same way?

where can i buy lightbox in india

Dear all,
Iam surya from india. i want to buy lightbox for animation. where can i buy lightbox in india. if any body knows any links or address please send me.

waiting for your reply.