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Need help for my research paper on animation

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Need help for my research paper on animation

Hi, everyone! I'm a student who is currently studying 2D animation! Just here asking for anyone who is also working on or has worked on 2D animation to answer a short survey. Anyone who are actually working in the field would be greatly appreciated too!

Here's one of my works as an example.

Coffe Mug Animation

Here is hte survey link:

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~Animation student

~Animation student



Can you share research results?

Thank you!


Pm me :), I will appreciate it.

Hey! I hope that your

Hey! I hope that your research paper was successful and you got the best grade. I also study animation but haven't written any research papers. I think it'll be later, but for now, I need to write essays. I have no problem in writing when it comes to animation or design, but with different topics, it's harder. But there are a lot of educational resources, which I use when I need help, for example, I use when I'm looking for the topic ideas, and it really helps me out. But I really hope that soon I'll have a chance to choose the topics myself, and they will for sure be connected to animation

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Very nice animation movie

Very nice animation movie link


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wao, that's cool

Hello! It's fantastic to connect with fellow students passionate about 2D animation. Your enthusiasm for seeking insights from those working in the field is commendable. I'm sure many would be willing to share their experiences and contribute to your survey and also check there. Engaging with professionals can provide valuable perspectives and advice that may enhance your understanding of the industry. Best of luck with your survey, and I hope it leads to meaningful insights for your studies in 2D animation!