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Sony Selects Vicon 8 Motion-Capture System

Sony Computer Entertainment of America has recently installed a 16 M-Series Camera (MCam) Real-Time Vicon 8 system in their 5,000-square-foot motion-capture studio. The system, which can capture the nuances of multiple actors simultaneously, will be used in the development of games for Sony's new PlayStation 2 system. "Vicon 8 motion-capture technology is a state-of-the-art hardware and software system with no equal in the industry," stated Jason Parks, motion-capture manager, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "The new MCams provide extremely accurate data saving us a lot of time in post-production. Calibrating the system is fast, accurate and reliable. We have found that the system is portable and easily adapted to capture full-body capture one session and facial capture in another, with just a few parameter adjustments." Sony Computer Entertainment of America is currently using Vicon 8 motion-capture in production for upcoming versions of sports titles such as MLB2001, GAMEDAY2002, SHOOTOUT2002, FINALFOUR2002 and FACEOFF2002.

Animation World Magazine's Sharon Schatz interviews Vicon Motion Systems' Brian Nilles on the new Vicon 8 motion-capture system and the future of the industry.