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Puffin ships Composite Wizard

ILM Visual Effects Supervisor Scott Squires' company Puffin Designs has begunshipping a Windows version of the already available MAC software 'CompositeWizard.' The Adobe After Effects plug-in is a smart little program whichgives artists the power to clean up After Effects composites quickly andeasily, fixing common compositing problems such as ragged edges, poor matteextractions, and improper focal depth cues. The package features over 20filters which can be used to clean up mattes, along with 'EZ' versions ofDeluxe Edge Finder, Edge Blur, Matte Feather and Spill Killer; tools allpresent in other Puffin products. Developed alongside leadingpost-production facilities, Composite Wizard provides 2D artists withsuperior compositing tools for a mere $695 (US). For more information,visit