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Phineas and Ferb, LittleBigPlanet & Taratabong Win at Pulcinella Awards

The Pulcinella Awards 2009 were announced at the conclusion of Cartoons on the Bay on Sunday. The various Pulcinella Awards are presented in seven competing categories, including best series for preschool, children, tweens and young adults, educational programming, best pilot, cross-media project, interactive animation, short film, best character, TV series, European program and best soundtrack.

Jurors for this year's awards are: Alice Cahn (Cartoon Network's VP for Social Responsibility, U.S.), Vincenzo Cerami (screenwriter, Italy), Luis Alberto Gonzalez Nieto (Vice President of Instituto Cubano del Arte and Industria Cinematograficos - ICAIC, Cuba), Jens Opatz (Executive Creative Producer KIKA, Germany) and Andrea Piersanti (Journalist, Italy).

TV Series for Preschool

TARATABONG! THE WORLD OF MELODITTIES (Italy, Toposodo, Rai Fiction, Ellipsanime)Funny and original, TARATABONG synthesizes why animation works telling stories to very young children. This is an excellent way of introducing music to preschoolers.

TV Series for Kids

PHINEAS AND FERB (U.S., Disney Television Animation, Rough Draft Korea)This was a difficult category in which to identify a winner; each of the entries had unique characteristics that meant recognition. PHINEAS AND FERB exhibited creative strength across all categories.

TV Series for Tween Generation

6TEEN (Canada, Fresh TV)The jury chose 6TEEN because it felt the personal stories of the characters resonated with the target audience. The series felt current and relevant.

TV Series For Young Adults

PSICOVIP (Italy, Maga Animation Studio, Rai Fiction)The combination of fast, funny storytelling appeals to the kid and the adult that exist in the young and adult audience.

Educational and Issues Film

PUBERTY (Cuba, ICAIC)The jury unanimously chose this sensitive, humorous treatment of children's lives.

Pilot of TV Series

MY VERY FIRST WEDDING (Germany, Balance Film)The majority of jurors felt that MY VERY FIRST WEDDING had the best potential to be a successful continuing series.

Crossmedia Project

TOONS 'N' TUNES ZECCHINO D'ORO (Italy, Studio Alienatio, Antoniano Production, Rai Fiction)Another difficult decision given the strength of the nominees. The majority of the jury decided on TOONS 'N' TUNES ZECCHINO D'ORO because this series pioneered cross-platform exhibition and shows potential for future growth.

Interactive Animation

LITTLEBIGPLANET (U.K., Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)For its message of innovative animation and child-driven interactivity.

Short Film

THE HAPPY DUCKLING (U.K., Gili Dolev)Each of the short films has tremendous strengths; congratulations to the creators, this was a tough category to judge. The jury awarded the prize to THE HAPPY DUCKLING for its clever storytelling and very unique animation.

Best Character

JIBBER JAPBBER (Canada, Jibber Jabber Toons)Realistic energetic portrayal of young boys imaginative play.

Best TV Series

COSMIC QUANTUM RAY (USA, Mike Young Productions, Ki.Ka-Ard, Taffy Productions, Method Films, Telegael Teo)It takes all ages' imaginations to the "ninth dimension" with humor and energy.

Best European Program

DESCENDANTS (Germany, Studio Film Bilder)The conflict between light and shadow visually and within the lyrical storytelling created meaningful atmosphere left a lasting impact on the audience.

Best Soundtrack of the Year

THE WONDER PETS! (U.S., Little Airplane Productions)As with musical theatre, the music and lyrics are integral to the success of the story.

Special Mention for the Best Flash Animation

PHINEAS AND FERB (U.S., Disney Television Animation)The warmth and pacing of the series demonstrate exceptional use of Flash animation.

Special Mention for Best Mobile Platform Animation

LIVING IN THE TREES (Portugal, Filmografo)Exemplary use of prediction and expectation with fast, funny follow-up. Perfect for the small screen