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Pepper's Ghost Productions releases PG Studio

PG Studio is a production management tool that helps production housesproduce cost effective computer animation. Among its features are scriptand storyboard breakdown into scenes, shots, and frames; organization ofproduction documents according to script structure; identification ofproduction tasks from the script; allocation of production tasks tocreative and technical staff; establishment of total task time within theschedule; compilation of a running production budget including staff andresource requirements. PG Studio will debut at the Los Angeles Siggraphconvention in August, and Pepper's Ghost Productions will be at booth 2428.For press information contact GSN at Tel. +44 171 228 1151; for all otherqueries contact Ken Royall at Pepper's Ghost Productions at Tel. +44 181546-4900; fax +44 181 546-4284; or e-mail