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Goodspot Delivers NFL Graphics Package For Fox Sports

Santa Monica, California-based Goodspot Design recently completed an extensive package of original broadcast design and animation work for Fox Sports' 2002 NFL on-air promotions graphics. The 30-, 20- and 10-second promos debuted on Fox in September 2002. Goodspot's creative director and designer Sonia Lamba describes the spots: "To illustrate our perception of a football field as being dangerous and ominous, we proposed showing the world beneath the turf as a moving field of intricate, menacing, razor-sharp metallic structures that transform to render the gridiron and the FOX logo itself." When pitching their concept to FOX, the Goodspot team used Maya key frames to create the storyboards. Lamba explained, "We did this so that our clients would feel confident that what they saw on the boards would indeed be found in the final package." The original design elements created in Maya were then composited in Adobe AfterEffects. "Our final delivery included over 150 different elements," said executive producer Mandy Martin. "When the editors at FOX received our package and our template spots, they were thrilled that they had everything they needed to complete their weekly tasks of promoting the NFL." Credits for Goodspot included Sonia Lamba, Mandy Martin and senior editor and sound designer Luis Martos, as well as 3D animators Mike Navarro and Shane Zucker. In addition to Maya and AfterEffects, Goodspot's team also used Avid Media Composer for offline as well as for the final online of the finished spots.