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Urban Entertainment Releases The Contract On DVD

The world of adult animation gets a decidedly urban turn with the release of THE CONTRACT on October 22, 2002. Urban Entertainment (UE) is venturing into the DVD market with its first release of an original animation project created for the Web. THE CONTRACT is the story of Bishop, a professional assassin who works his way up the ranks from an enforcer to a low-level drug dealer to the point man for international crime lord, Damien Wiles. Bishop must contend with his feelings when he is assigned to watch and eventually kill Damiens girlfriend, Cynda. All the while The Milkman, a supernatural presence that may or may not be real, haunts him. Originally created for Urban Entertainments Website by writers Ben Ramsey (THE BIG HIT) and Kantz, the series was produced simultaneously with its live-action equivalent, Screen Gems feature film LOVE AND A BULLET, starring rap artist Treach. Treach also voices Bishop in the animated series. The complete 10-episode series is featured on one disk along with interviews with the series creators and the voiceover talent. Urban Entertainment is best known for its hit Web animation turned feature film UNDERCOVER BROTHER. UE has several other films in development at major motion picture studios, including four projects that originated as Web series. Former Twentieth Century Fox feature film production executive Michael Jenkinson founded the company in early 1999.