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Glassworks Goes RAW for G-Star Ad

Production company Glassworks Amsterdam collaborates with the G-Star in-house creative team to realize the “Art of RAW” campaign film.


Production company Glassworks Amsterdam recently collaborated with the G-Star in-house creative team to realize the “Art of RAW” campaign film. Until now, the global campaigns for the brand have been based on iconic print advertisements, shot by one of the biggest names in photography, Anton Corbijn, and featuring such talents as Liv Tyler, Magnus Carlsen and Gemma Arterton.

G-Star approached Glassworks to realize its first ever campaign commercial, which will run online and in cinemas across the globe. Since the brand took a break from conventional advertising in their market, this was a great opportunity for the two brands expertise to meet: denim and high-end digital animation and visual effects.

The result is a dramatic, fully CG, macro-level journey through the denim-making process. G-Star's creative team created the concept for the video and collaborated with Glassworks Amsterdam’s in-house CGI director, Rudiger Kaltenhauser, who created the magical and moody world for the film, provided that it remained faithful to the core processes involved in creating their world-famous RAW denim. Glassworks were completely sold when they knew the challenge was to create a film with a photo-real running skeleton dog and that it would have the soundtrack by US super-producer Skrillex.

Rudiger storyboarded the action treatments, designed the style frames, edited the cut, and then led the Glassworks team of lighting/texturing TD's and animators in bringing everything to life. There were many challenges, not least of all creating CGI denim that reflects the fabric the brand is so passionate about. The team also took on the challenge to create a texturing/lighting setup that allowed the beauty of each step of the denim making process to be clearly understood but also live up to the expectations of the G-Star denim specialists.

Cut from the 60-second film, a 15-second teaser was screened to launch their show at the Bread & Butter fair in Berlin last month, and while the full-length film will be playing on their website, you can see the 30-second version in cinemas and throughout their stores globally. The CGI skeleton dog is the leading visual throughout the Art of RAW print campaign and you might even be able to race him yourself in the Hong Kong subway!

Source: Glassworks Amsterdam

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