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Dosch Design Releases Two Libraries Of High Dynamic Range Images

Dosch Design has released the first two titles of its newly created product line, Dosch HDRI (High Dynamic Range Images). Both Dosch HDRI: Nature and Dosch HDRI: Skies contains 56 HDR-images, which are presented on three CDs. The new product line offers the user a comprehensive library of HDRI effects for use in 3D design and animation applications. Eliminating the need for manual definition of multiple light-sources and lengthy experimentation with color choice and light-volume, the HDRIs contain information as to whether there is a direct light-source (e.g. sun, spot light) with defined shadows or a cloudy sky/neon lights with diffuse light and "soft" shadows. The HDRIs are provided in the following application forms: Light-Probe (Angular Map); Spherical Map (Latitude-Longitude); Vertical-Cross; and Horizontal-Cross. The use of HDRIs is directly supported in many 3D applications including Lightwave, Softimage|XSI, Maya, RenderMan, 3ds max, VRay, Brazil and finalRender. The HDRI libraries are now available for US$169 each. For additional information visit