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Digital Video SLR releases Toonz Linetest

Digital Video SLR recently announced the release of Toonz Linetest, apencil test tool that is designed to preserve the animator's originalconcept. Linetest, which relies heavily on the Toonz exposure sheettechnology, offers a wide range of editing tools to manipulate frames,levels and sequences. One can insert new drawings, change the step of theanimation, and replace already grabbed images. One can also enlarge, reduceand rotate images, or create complex movements with ease thanks to theCamera Stand window; while the Preview window lets one check the finalresult and save a QuickTime movie of the animation. Linetest also worksseamlessly with all other Toonz features and applications, and as soon aswork in Linetest is done, it will be automatically reloadable into Toonz.For more information on Linetest visit Toonz isdistributed by SOFTIMAGE|Avid, for more information on Toonz