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Curious Captures Nicktoon Spirit In New Set Of IDs

Curious Pictures has once again teamed up with Nickelodeon, this time to create the packaging for the new cartoon block "Nicktoons," currently running every Friday night from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The project includes the opening for the hour program, along with 19 bumpers, 5 intros and 5 credit crunches that will rotate during the block each week. The spots feature Nicks cartoon personalities goofing around in the production studio, while reminding the viewers that theyre watching Nicktoons. The longest spot is the :45 program opening, which follows Jimmy Neutron as he zooms over the Hollywood Hills and into the Nickelodeon studio. When he parachutes to the ground, a chain reaction of chaotic events ensues as the Toons scramble to prepare for the show. The spot culminates in the biggest animated group shot in Nickelodeon history, as the characters smile and wave to the audience. "It was a fun collaboration," said director Steve Oakes. "Everyone involved had a great time developing the various visual gags that occur in this fantasy studio where the cartoons presumably come to work." Since each Nickelodeon cartoon has its own animation style, incorporating all of the characters in one space required a mixed media approach. Hand-drawn, computer generated and stop-motion Toons coexist in one reality, effecting a very unique visual experience. "When it comes to cartoon IDs and packaging, Curious is the best production house for the job," concluded Nickelodeons creative director, Niels Schuurmans.