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Cinesite Appoints Jeffrey Baksinski To Manage 3D Department

Cinesite Hollywood has named Jeffrey Baksinski manager of the 3D department. Baksinski has been the motion/tracking supervisor in the visual effects department at Cinesite since 1998, where his responsibilities included supervising camera reconstruction, virtual set modeling and the creation and application of pipeline and procedures on such films as RED PLANET, 13 GHOSTS and WINDTALKERS. Baksinski began his career in visual effects at Digital Domain in 1994, where he worked his way up through the ranks in a broad range of technological and creative roles, including I/O, tracking, 3D effects animation and sequence supervision. While at Digital Domain, Baksinski was the motion control supervisor on THE FIFTH ELEMENT and supervised visual effects sequences for TITANIC, which included putting thousands of CG characters on the dock next to the ship. Prior to joining Cinesite, he worked on the film DINOSAUR for Disney. "The effects pipeline has become key in our industry in terms of being competitive and outputting the highest level of quality work," said Baksinski. "I believe that the pipeline at an effects facility has to be flexible enough to let the artists do their work creatively yet still remain cost effective. Cinesite has been addressing this line of thinking with a host of new services all the way down the line. My responsibilities will include tying effects into this and addressing our clients' needs." Cinesite has facilities in Hollywood and London, and provides visual effects, digital film mastering, digital film restoration, preservation, scanning and recording, plus DVD services. The company recently completed work on the feature films ROAD TO PERDITION and SPY KIDS 2.