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Caviar's AG Rojas Directs 'Hey Jane' For Spiritualized

Caviar's AG Rojas directs the latest Spiritualized music video for "Hey Jane," a track off their upcoming Sweet Heart Sweet Light album (due out April 17 in the United States).

Announcement from Caviar:

Caviar's AG Rojas directs the latest Spiritualized music video for "Hey Jane," a track off their upcoming Sweet Heart Sweet Light album (due out April 17 in the United States). The NSFW music video opus follows a day in the life of a transgendered person in Atlanta, in what eventually unfolds into an ominous spiral of violence.

The video captivates the audience through its unusual longer-format structure, and the controversial, gritty content. "The image of a transvestite walking down the street appeared after a few listens, and then I started writing," explains Rojas. "I wanted to take a character who would in most cases be portrayed as flamboyant and as a caricature, and instead ground them in the real world."

The raw aesthetic of the film is in part due to the casting of the protagonist, which involved interviewing several transvestites and transsexuals in Atlanta. James Ross immediately stood out as the frontrunner, as he shared many similarities with the character, including a young son who was ultimately cast in the music video.

Caviar's post-production facility in Belgium completed VFX on the grittier scenes, creating the violent environment that anticipates the lead character's demise. The nine-minute-plus film showcases a rarely-told story in a way that highlights the travails of a transgendered mother and allows the locations within Atlanta to stand out, holding their own significance within the complex narrative.

AG Rojas quickly developed a name for himself within commercials and music videos with his edgy take on visual storytelling for dynamic brands such as Adidas and artists Gil Scott-Heron and Emeli Sande. He is currently directing Jack White's Sixteen Saltines, due out later this month.

Caviar Content is a commercial, music video, and film production company. With offices in Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, London and Los Angeles, Caviar produces some of the industry's top work worldwide. Recent Caviar projects include Reynald Gresset's "Mass Effect 3," Jody Hill's Kenny Powers for K-SWISS, and Keith Schofield's "Bark Side" for Volkswagon.


Commissioner: Juliette Larthe

Production Company: Caviar (Los Angeles), Somesuch & Co. (London) Director: AG Rojas Executive Producers: Jasper Thomlinson, Michael Sagol Somesuch & Co. Executive Producer: Tim Nash Producer: Anna Rau DP: Michael Ragen

Main Cast: Frida: James Ross Darius: Jeremiah Ross Lucy: Madison Wellons Tourist: Justin Geer

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