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Animazoo UK Opens New Mocap Studio

Animazoo UK has opened a new motion capture studio on the south coast city of Brighton, in the U.K.

Already attracting a stream of international visitors, the studio offers users the latest motion capture technology with expert operators to ensure projects run smoothly. Using state of the art Gypsy systems, the studio can handle applications that are impossible with traditional studio based optical systems.

The Gypsy approach to Mocap arguably results in faster, more productive capture sessions, and with minimal data cleaning more usable data is captured per session saving customers both time and money. The systems record rotational motion data directly from the actor and so are expert at capturing small and subtle movements that are a challenge for camera-based systems. And production is not restricted to a confined space the Gypsy can even capture outdoors. Generating quick, clean data the Gypsy saves time and money throughout any production schedule.

Animazoos studio further cements Brightons leading reputation for digital media production. Already branded Silicon Beach for its high quality digital output, the city is an ideal home for a state of the art motion capture production house.

Established in 1993, Animazoo ( manufactures the world famous Gypsy motion capture systems. Based in Brighton, with an international network of dealers and distributors, Animazoo has years of experience working in creative, academic and corporate markets.