a/k/a Puppet Love, a/k/a The Devil's Ball (1934, 30m)

"The Mascot" is easily the best-known of Starewicz' films; it's appeared in many shapes and forms over the years, even making frequent TV appearances on USA's NIGHT FLIGHT in the 1980s.

The story revolves around a hand-made stuffed dog puppet who comes to life when the poor woman who is making him sews a teardrop inside his chest. She has a sick little girl who wants "an orange" more than anything... how times have changed. Anyway, the dog goes through Hell to get this orange, fighting all sorts of weird demons, other puppets, and Satan himself!

Apparently, this Dog returns in a number of Starewicz' films (none of which I've seen), is named "Duffy," (Fetiche in France) and through the series of films goes through various phases of life, like "young rake," "father," "old businessman..." If I ever find any of these, I'll certainly post them. The one I want the most, of course, is "In the Land of the Vampires!"

I first found this film on Rhino's Weird Cartoons collection, in a shortened form called "The Devil's Ball", which is basically just a chunk from the middle, but also cuts scenes and characters from the "chunk". However, I like the music the best on this version... it's Big Band, as opposed to the organ music that the other presentations use.

The most complete version that I've found is on The Cameraman's Revenge and other Fantastic Tales, a Milestone Video release which was just released on laserdisc by Image Entertainment.

Because of the huge quantity of strange images "The Mascot" provides, I've broken tradition by breaking this sub-site up into 3 parts. You already have the story, in a nutshell, so just enjoy the pictures!

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"I'm so happy... I've finally gotten the orange! This small dose of Vitamin C is all I require to prevent a life dominated by scurvy."


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