The Cameraman's Revenge (1912, 13 minutes) is about infidelity among the insects, a topic which I dare say has never before or after been attempted on film.

It opens with Mr. Beetle going to town "on business," to stop at "The Gay Dragonfly," a burlesque parlor.

He meets a dancer who he takes to a hotel room... the grasshopper at left wanted her too, though, and he's mad at the beetle's rudeness.. he's also got a movie camera!

The "Hotel D'Amour"...

The grasshopper setting up his equipment.

Happy with his film (shown at the top of the page), the grasshopper rides off to work.

Mrs. Beetle and the Artist

In the meantime, Mrs. Beetle is ALSO having an affair, with "an artist."

Click them for a 372k movie.

Mr. Beetle comes home, catches them, and beats up the artist. Of course, he plays the hurt husband...

Since he's "a forgiving husband," he takes her to the cinema...

... where the grasshopper is the projectionist!

The movie opens, and Mr. Beetle is busted! His wife beats him so badly he runs through the screen to get away!

The End


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