Winter Carousel (1958) (0:12) is beautifully filmed and animated, although a bit slow. Starewicz waxes especially lyrical in this film, in which we see the forest friends Bear and Rabbit (also seen in Nose to the Wind) enjoying the joys of winter, personified by a white female bear and a living snow man.

Here, we see the snow bear's sleigh, pulled by wooden rabbits, arriving under the aurora borealis.


Starewicz apparently had quite an attachment to Christmas; Christmas trees and themes figured prominently in his films.

The snow bear arrives, and beckons for play to begin!



The Chase!

The blindfolded brown bear (our "mortal" friend) chases his snowy friend on ice. It's all in good fun.

Click them for an 85k movie of the fun!


The Carousel Ride!

Snowy fun is had by all, on the Winter Carousel! This is the bottom of, you guessed it, another Christmas tree. It's a beautifully animated scene.

Click the Carousel at left for a 462k movie of the ride!


ScarecrowAll seasons pass, as this one does. The snow bear flies away, looking much like a constellation, as our friend the snow-man reveals himself to be a multi-seasonal being... he melts to reveal the scarecrow of spring!

Click the scarecrow for a 463k movie of his transformation!



Scarecrow making Spring

The scarecrow brings seasonal change wherever he goes. Click the image at the left to see him transform winter to spring with his flute (a 539k movie)!

Of course, beautiful insects dance about, celebrating his arrival.



It's great to see Starewicz's frogs in color!

The sassy rabbit thumbs his nose at an off-screen recipient... it might even be you!



Dancing Grasshopper

The rabbit and bear actually have to settle down and WORK for once... they make a nice home. This is the garden. In the center of the garden is a dancing grasshopper, VERY similar in design to the one recently seen in Henry Selick's "James and the Giant Peach" (Selick has stated the Starewicz is a personal favorite of his).

Click the image for a 385k movie of the dance.

Shortly after this, the movie ends.

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