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The frame of this logo is the same as the actual inter-titles used in the film.

Voice of the Nightingale (1923, 13 minutes) is a beautiful little fable starring "Nina Star," who is actually Ladislaw's daughter Irene! The film is hand-colored, which looks beautiful but seems to have dulled the clarity of the image over time.

Also, this was obviously meant to be seen on a large screen... many scenes feature small protagonists on large backgrounds, which, coupled with the aforementioned lack of clarity, makes it hard to see what's going on sometimes. Therefore, I've zoomed in on some of these stills.



While playing one day, she catches a nightingale, who she wants to use as a toy. She cages him, which makes him very sad.

The nightingale tells her stories, hoping she'll realize her mistake and release him.



The first story is about a fairie who wakes from her flower one morning and goes riding with her butterfly to wake her male friend, who sleeps on a log over a stream



Spider Fight

The female fairie goes off riding again, and is captured by a spider! A grasshopper witness hops off to inform the boy fairie.

Click the picture for a 1.1 meg movie of the battle!

The boy fairie hops to the rescue on grasshopper back, and slays the spider, concluding the first story.



The second story is about a loving couple of nightingales...



While one is out getting food for the baby, a naughty little boy shoots it with his bow and arrow.

The other is worried about it's return...



The girl takes the hint and sets free the nightingale. As a reward, he gives her his voice, so she can sing beautifully forever after.
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