Note: You may see slight variations on these film names in different sources. Keep in mind that these are translations from Russian, French, etc... I may have duplicates listed here because of that.

I also found numerous discrepancies with the years of release for a lot of these, so give a few years leeway either way.

The Battle of the Stag Beetles (1910)
Flying Frogs (1911)
Christmas of the Forest Inhabitants (1911)
The Ant and the Grasshopper (1911)
The Cameraman's Revenge (1912)
Insect's Aviation Week (1912)
The Beautiful Leukanida (1912)
Merry Scenes of the Life of Insects (1912)
Christmas at the Fox's Boarding House (1912)
The Dragonfly and the Ant (1913)
The Insect's Christmas (1913)
Christmas Eve (1913)
A Terrible Revenge (1913)
Four Devils (1913)
Ruslan and Lyudmila (1913) Animation Effects only
Voyage to the Moon (1913)
Mars' Stepson (1914) (same as above?)
How the German General Signed a Pact with the Devil (1914)
The Lily of Belgium (1915)
On the Warsaw Highway (1916)
The Viy (1918)
The Scarecrow (1921)
Frogland (1922)
Voice of the Nightingale (1923) (hand colored!)
The Little Street Singer (1923)
The Claws of the Spider (1925)
L'Epouvantail (1925) (my French is a little rusty... can anyone translate that?)
The Magic Clock (1926)
The Two Cupids, a/k/a Love in Black and White (1926)
Town Rat, Country Rat (1926)
The Queen of the Butterflies (1927)
The Lion and the Gnat (1927)
The Eyes of the Dragon (1927)
The Marriage of Babylas (1928)
The Little Parade (1929)
The Old Lion (1932)
Coster Bill of Paris (1933)
The Ringmaster (1933)
The Mascot, a/k/a Puppet Love, a/k/a The Devil's Ball (1933-34)
The Navigator (1934)
In the Land of the Vampires (1935)
Cupid's Arrow (1935)
The Tale of the Fox (1939) Ten years in the making!
Zanzabelle in Paris (1949) in collaboration with Sonika Bo
Fern Flowers (1950) in collaboration with Sonika Bo
Nose to the Wind (1958)
Winter Carousel (1958-59)
Like Dog and Cat (unfinished at his death in 1965)


The Cameraman's Revenge & Other Fantastic Tales (80 min., 1912-1958). Includes The Cameraman's Revenge, The Insect's Christmas, Frogland, Voice of the Nightingale, The Mascot, and Winter Carousel. This is available on DVD, VHS and LaserDisc; the LaserDisc is out of print!

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The Cameraman's Revenge & Other Fantastic Tales
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Special Report (July 1997)

The LaserDisc of "The Cameraman's Revenge..." was recently released by Image Entertainment. This is the best presentation we'll probably ever see of these films. All are remastered to the nth degree, looking at least as good as they did upon release (I assume). This includes the longest version of "The Mascot" I've ever seen (longer than that on "Three Shorts" and "Weird Cartoons"), and many of the films are windowboxed to avoid cropping off peripheral information. "Frogland," "The Cameraman's Revenge," and "The Insect's Christmas" are tinted, a common practice with older black and white films to denote different moods, etc. "The Mascot" is presented in pristine black and white. "Voice of the Nightingale" is beautifully rendered from a HAND-COLORED print which Starewicz made. Unfortunately, the hand-coloring process seems to have damaged the film element a bit, because the image isn't as crisp as on the other films --- but the beautiful color pallete more than makes up for that. "Winter Carousel" is as candy-colored as ever, but with a sharp image which is a vast improvement upon the "Three Shorts" tape.

The VHS version was made from the same film elements, but of course isn't as sharp, since it's VHS. If you don't have a laserdisc player, it'll do you just fine.

Note that with the release of this disc, I've redone all sections of this site which deal with the films it includes.
(October 1999: The LaserDisc is out of print... VHS is the only way to get this now!)

Weird Cartoons, from Rhino Video (2 VHS Volumes or 1 LaserDisc). Includes " Frogland" and "The Devil's Ball". This is still available for rental in many video stores, including mainstream Blockbuster. Seek it out!

Three Shorts by Ladislas Starevich (1934-1959), Festival Films. This tape includes an excellent, if low-framed, print of "The Mascot" and the two candy-colored films "Nose to the Wind" and "Winter Carousel ". The tape cost around $30 when I got it.
Festival Films: 2841 Irving Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN 55408.

Starewicz' Fantasies (1911-1915) Milestone Film & Video. The third volume in Milestone's "Early Russian Cinema Series" Consists of three films: The Dragonfly and the Ant (1913), Christmas Eve (1913), based on part of Gogol's Evenings on a Farm Near Dakanka, and The Lily of Belgium (1915), starring Starewicz and his daughter Irina. Review coming soon.

Vampyr (1932) Very atmospheric German vampire film by Carl Dreyer includes "The Mascot" as a bonus on the laserdisc only (?).
Image Entertainment #ID7394DS.



The Museum of the Moving Image in London: I was there in 1989. Go there if you have any interest in stop-motion animation or cinema in general. Although the whole place was fascinating, the highlights for me were: assorted Starewicz puppets, Willis O'Brien's Mighty Joe Young puppet (the fur was rotting a bit), Ray Harryhausen's Kali from The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, and Gerry Anderson's Captain Scarlett. Apparently, they now also have pieces by Jan Svankmajer and the Brothers Quay.

The rest of the Ladislas Starevich site:

A Short Biography
The Other "-Ographies" : Filmography, Videography, Bibliography and Puppetography (Revised 10/2/99)
Frogland (Revised 10/2/99)
The Mascot, a/k/a Puppet Love, a/k/a The Devil's Ball (Revised 10/2/99)
Nose to the Wind
Winter Carousel (Revised 10/2/99)
The Cameraman's Revenge (Revised 10/2/99)
The Insect's Christmas (Revised 10/2/99)
Voice of the Nightingale (Revised 10/2/99)
Tale of the Fox (Revised 10/2/99)
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