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Wild Brain Acquires Kidrobot

Wild Brain announced a majority stake acquisition of New York-based, limited edition art toy creator and pop-culture phenomenon Kidrobot. Wild Brain and Kidrobot plan to develop animated television, feature film, direct-to-video and other entertainment properties, utilizing the existing popularity of Kidrobot characters and the "Kidrobot Style" to develop future projects.

"Aligning Wild Brain's award-winning animation with Kidrobot's cutting-edge art and design opens up a whole new world of possibilities," said Charles Rivkin, ceo of Wild Brain. "Paul Budnitz is a creative genius and a brilliant entrepreneur. We look forward to helping him realize the enormous potential of his vision."

"Wild Brain provides Kidrobot with the opportunity to extend its creative energy into the world of digital animation. This is a logical next step for Kidrobot, as much of our inspiration comes from animated media. Wild Brain is bringing cutting-edge technology and the very best production team to the mix," said Paul Budnitz, owner and founder of Kidrobot.

The collaboration reinforces Wild Brain's commitment to becoming a leading digital animation studio and a haven for the industry's most talented artists and executives. Budnitz will continue as both president of Kidrobot and as an exec producer at Wild Brain Animation Studios.

"Wild Brain is a sanctuary for independent artists that value creativity and innovation," added Budnitz. "At Kidrobot, we strive to elevate toys to the level of art. Charlie and the Wild Brain team have a similar philosophy. Of all the studios that have approached us about creative partnerships, we feel that Wild Brain is the perfect home."

Kidrobot is the creator and retailer of limited edition art toys. The toys sold at Kidrobot feature urban street trends mixed with creative design and fine art to produce limited edition, collectible pieces of art. World-renowned artists design many Kidrobot toys with backgrounds in graffiti art, fine art, industrial design, graphic design, illustration, and music. Kidrobot operates three store-galleries, one at 126 Prince Street in SoHo, New York City, another at 1512 Haight Street in San Francisco and a third at 1407 Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Kidrobot is also online at

Wild Brain, Inc. ( is an award-winning animation studio that develops and produces content for the global film, television and commercials markets. Founded in 1994, Wild Brain's client list includes the biggest names in media and entertainment.

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