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USA Networks To Air 3D Motion-Capture Sinbad

USA Network announced that it would air SINBAD: BEYOND THE VEIL OF MISTS, the first-ever 3D motion-capture animated feature. The movie will premiere on Thursday, November 30, 2000 at 8 pm ET/PT. SINBAD is the tale of the legendary Sinbad and his crew, who are recruited by a beautiful princess to travel beyond the forbidden Veil of Mists in a quest for the cure to an evil spell placed on the King. The movie features the voices of Brendan Fraser (BEDAZZLED, THE MUMMY), Leonard Nimoy (STAR TREK), John Rhys-Davies (SLIDERS), Jennifer Hale (THE REAL ADVENTURES OF JOHNNY QUEST) and Mark Hamill (STAR WARS). USA Network's Jane Blaney, senior vice president, program acquisitions and scheduling, said, "At first glance, it would appear that SINBAD: BEYOND THE VEIL OF MISTS was a left-turn acquisition for USA, since we don't have a regularly scheduled kids block. However, one of USA Network's fourth quarter goals is to program a 'Kids & Family Week' featuring unique, fresh, family films during the holiday season and SINBAD fits our plans perfectly. The fact that the film will be a world premiere for USA Network, coupled with its rich, visual style of animation, gives us an opportunity to present our viewers with a completely different kind of entertainment." The film was licensed from Lions Gate Entertainment and produced by Pentamedia Graphics, Ltd.

Read more about SINBAD's production both in India and America in Animation World Magazine.

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