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Thai, Singapore Firms Join In Animation Venture

E-Saan Software Park, a Thai software development agency in this northeastern province, and Singapore-based 3 View Group will jointly develop an animation and multi-media business to penetrate overseas markets, reports ETNA.MCOT.Net.

E-Saan Software Park director Panupong Wanjantuk said that the Animation and Multimedia Innovation Centre (AMIC) under the supervision of Khon Kaen University is coordinating with 3 View Group under a business plan to create job opportunities and generate income.

Both companies will explore the wider market and exchange work forces, Mr. Panupong said, adding that this is the first step toward co-investment in other leading Singapore companies.

"3 View Group is looking for a cartoon designer and AMIC, which is run under jurisdiction of E-Saan Software Park, will be responsible for recruiting the person to fill in the position," he said.

Mr. Panupong added that the process was part of bilateral cooperation between AMIC and the 3 View Group.

Established in August 2003, E-Saan Software Park has received encouragement from the Swedish-Thai Chamber of Commerce. It will also play a role as a business co-partner to pair business partners to expand both domestic and international level market opportunities, particularly in the software business.

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