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Ring Of Fire Burns Bright For TechTV IDs

Ring of Fire teamed with entertainment branding company 3 Ring Circus to create the new ID package for the on-air and online network, TechTV. The visually striking package includes a series of four 30-second spots that display technology as a lifestyle benefit. "Connect," "Communicate," "Convenience" and "Community" are fast-paced spots, comprised of a primary red, white, blue and black color palette. "The TechTV project was particularly challenging because of the visual interpretation of 'Connectivity,'" states Elaine Cantwell, head of creative services for 3 Ring Circus. "Conveying the transformative effect of technology through the live-action/flat animation method was an experimental process, developed through tests on multiple platforms." Ring of Fire Henry artist Paul Geiger said, "This was a very rewarding project to complete because it is a visual feast. Elaine and I have collaborated in the past, and we always enjoy working together. She is amazing and has an incredible style, which is very distinct. That style is really evident in this innovative campaign for TechTV." Ring of Fire senior producer Casey Conroy said, "The TechTV project was also a challenge for us in terms of the sheer volume of elements that needed to be assembled. The TechTV campaign epitomized our philosophy in action -- that a project of this size can benefit enormously from using the diversity of tools and artists that we have here at Ring of Fire." Ring of Fire provided 2D and 3D compositing and Mac graphics to the project -- utilizing every artist and tool at Ring of Fire. The visual effects firm delivered four 30-second image spots, logo animations, full-screen backgrounds, a show open for NETCAM, a package of bumpers, three five-second promos and promo closes. Ring of Fire's team was made up of: executive producer John Myers; creative director Jerry Spivack; Henry artist/online editor Paul Geiger; Henry artists John Ciampa and Ali Laventhol; inferno* artists Kevin Prendiville, Danny Yoon and Joey Brattesani; CGI artists Robin Scher, John Jenkins, Jason Lee and Ted Godwin; rotoscope artists Steve Edwards and Gary Mortensen; Mac graphics artist Todd DuFour; senior producer Casey Conroy; and producers Jill Heinrich and Kim Evans.

Want to learn more about the use of visual effects in commercials from Ring of Fire's creative director Jerry Spivack? Then check out Animation World Magazine's article.

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