Reelworks Creates Pinny For Let's Bowl. Reelworks

Animation Studio has created several animated segments for the new comedic series, LET'S BOWL, which began airing August 19, 2001 on Comedy Central. The segments were created using USAnimation and feature a bowling pin character created by Realworks named "Pinny." The program's producers approached Reelworks in the early stages of development about the show's concept: The airing and resolving of personal grievances at a bowling alley. Pinny is a bowling pin, of course, and the kind of pin that enjoys the opportunity to get 'liquored-up and fight.' Thom Waters, Reelworks digital ink and paint artist, said the project went smoothly. "The producers wanted to create a low-brow yet sophisticated integration of graphics and animation. Because of the short turn-around, we had to be able to seamlessly integrate elements created in several software applications including Photoshop and After Effects. The flexibility of USAnimation allowed us to do just that and make the deadline." Reelworks animation director Morgan Williams and freelance animation director Kelly McNutt then animated Pinny into seven different segments of minimal animation, each providing a cue for the next live -action sequence and supporting the program's dry, self-effacing yet unapologetic wit.