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New Zealand Gets First Homegrown Adult Animation

Toon Boom Technologies Opus is the software chosen by Firehorse Films to produce New Zealand's first primetime adult animated series, a non-PC satire called BRO'TOWN.

Written and performed by the multi-talented comedy troupe, the Naked Samoans, BRO'TOWN chronicles the schoolboy misadventures of four Auckland teenagers growing up in the big city. "It's the first show of its type in New Zealand and I think viewers are going to love seeing an animated Aotearoa with all its diverse cultures and communities," said Oscar Kightley, one of the Naked Samoans.

TV3's associate director of programming Kelly Martin said the network was thrilled to finally have BRO'TOWN in production. " We loved the idea of an animated Oscar and Co. from the moment we heard it, said Martin, and expects it to be the SIMPSONS of the South Pacific." The series is expected to screen on TV3 next year.

Elizabeth Mitchell, founder of Firehorse Films, based in Auckland, New Zealand (, and producer of the series, managed against the odds to put together the financing, the creative and the production team. "Doing the first series in-house, and having the creative control that comes from being all under one roof was a must for BRO'TOWN," said Mitchell. "Toon Boom showed us how we could keep creative control, keep the quality high and keep the cost down."

Toon Boom Technologies Inc. provided the software and production pipeline for the entire project, while Adimex of Sydney, Australia, provided the hardware and field integration.

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