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Mother's Day Marathon On Nick Jr. Features Episodes from Hit Preschool Series

Nick Jr. will celebrate Mother's Day with a marathon of themed episodes of the network's acclaimed preschool series, featuring new episodes of GO, DIEGO, GO! and WOW! WOW! WUBBZY!.

Preschoolers will join the characters of DORA THE EXPLORER, GO, DIEGO, GO!, THE BACKYARDIGANS, MAX AND RUBY and WOW! WOW! WUBBZY! on exciting adventures as they honor Mom on Friday, May 9, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nick Jr.

The following is a rundown for Nick Jr.'s Mother's Day celebration (all times ET/PT):

9 a.m. -- THE BACKYARDIGANS "Mission to Mars"Tyrone and Tasha are Mission Control specialists who send their brave astronauts Uniqua, Pablo and Austin on a mission to find life on Mars after hearing a strange sound -- "boinga, boinga!"-- coming from outer space. A Kenyan High Life soundtrack moves the gang along as they blast off into space. Upon arrival, they hop on board their Mars Rover, an unusual contraption made of part-car, part-robot and part-dog to explore the red planet and find out what's making that "boinga!" sound. The astronauts soon discover an underground Martian city and meet an adorable little Martian named Boinga and her mommy (Alicia Keys) who explains through song that "Almost Everything is Boinga Here" on Mars.

9:30 a.m. -- GO, DIEGO, GO! "The Bobo's Mother's Day" PremiereIt's Mother's Day in the rainforest and everyone is celebrating, except for the Bobo Brothers who forgot to get their mom a gift. They decide the best gift they could give to their mom is to just stay out of trouble, so Diego promises to help them with that task as they head back home. Along the way, they help Sammy the sloth find his lost rainbow nuts for his mother's gift. Next, they run into the Red-eyed Tree Frogs and help them get a special flower for their mommy by telling the Bobos to climb high. Then at the banana grove, Diego and the Bobos meet Baby Jaguar, who's slipping on banana peels left all over the rainforest floor. The Bobos help clean up the mess by hanging from their strong tails. When the Bobos get back home, their mommy says the best Mother's Day gift is that they were good little monkeys and helped all their friends.

10 a.m. -- THE WONDER PETS! "Three Wonder Pets and a Baby/Save the Goslings"A piglet comes to live in the classroom and the Wonder Pets each want to take care of it on their own. They realize they need to work together to take care of the rather large piglet. / The Wonder Pets travel to Canada and help a family of young Goslings learn to fly south by converting the Flyboat into a big goose.

10:30 a.m. -- DORA THE EXPLORER "El Dia De Las Madres"On Mother's Day, Dora wants to help Papi bake a special cake for Mami. When she finds out the three key ingredients are missing -- bananas, nuts and chocolate -- Dora and Boots set out on an adventure to gather the missing items.

Noon -- DORA THE EXPLORER "Grandma's House"In this modern-day version of Little Red Riding Hood, Dora and Boots set off through the woods to deliver a basket of treats to help Dora's Abuela get over her cold.

12:30 p.m. -- GO, DIEGO, GO! "The Bobo's Mother's Day"

1 p.m. -- MAX AND RUBY "Bunny Cakes/Bunny Party/Funny Money"Ruby wants to make an angel surprise cake with raspberry fluff icing for Grandma's birthday. Max wants to make Grandma an earthworm cake with red-hot marshmallow squirters. After a few mishaps in the kitchen and a few trips to the grocer, Grandma gets both. / Ruby is preparing a surprise birthday party for Grandma and has invited all her own dollies as guests. But Max thinks some of his toy friends should also be at the party. Before long, Ruby discovers there are too many guests and not enough chairs. / Ruby has saved a wallet full of money to buy Grandma a music box with skating ballerinas on top for her birthday, but shopping with Max costs more than Ruby planned.

1:30 p.m. -- WOW! WOW! WUBBZY! "Follow the Leader/The Wubbzy Shuffle" PremiereA family of baby chirpees gets separated from its mother, and they wind up mistaking Wubbzy for the mother chirpee. Walden determines where the chirpees live and it's up to Wubbzy -- dressed and walking like a chirpee -- to lead the babies back home. It's not easy though, as they make their way through a flower patch, a farm and across a stream that threatens to wash the chirpees away. Wubbzy manages to save them and successfully return them to their happy mother. / When Wubbzy gets tired of losing at games, Widget builds him special gadgets to help him win, and Wubbzy celebrates each victory with the Wubbzy Shuffle. When they find out he's been cheating, Widget and Walden decide to teach him a lesson. Widget builds a Kickity-Kick robot that beats Wubbzy at his own game.