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MIPCOM Deals In Brief

Peppers Ghost Productions CGI-animated series TINY PLANETS has been licensed to Germanys Super RTL network and ITV1 in the U.K. The show recently received two BAFTA Interactive awards nominations and is scheduled to debut in the U.K. and Germany in the first quarter 2002.

French childrens cable and a satellite channel Canal J has partnered with Nickelodeon U.K., Spain, Australia and Latin America and acquired Japanese anime series YU-GIOH, which will be broadcast in France in spring 2002.

MTV Networks International has sold THE ADVENTURES OF JIMMY NEUTRON to 14 broadcasters worldwide including Germanys Super RTL, Frances TF1 and Spains Antena3.

TV-Loonland has entered into agreements with Germanys Super RTL and GUM Studios to produce the CGI-animated series DRAGONS ROCK. TV-Loonland also rocked da house at MIPCOM with a concert featuring Da Mob Experience, the real life band behind their animated series DA MOB. DA MOB was sold to Fox Family Channel (U.S.A.), British Sky Broadcasting (U.K.) and Fox Kids (France). It is scheduled to debut on Fox Family in November 2001.