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Los Simpsons Voices Strike

The Spanish-language cast of THE SIMPSONS have been on strike since October and are threatening protest marches over a contract between their union and privately-owned dubbing studio, Grabaciones y Doblajes Internacionales, reports HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. Represented by Mexico's National Actors Assn., the voice actors claim that their former employer broke an exclusivity agreement when it hired non-members of the association. Grabaciones does not deny using nonunion actors, but argues that it never signed an exclusivity contract.

The cast makes it clear that they are only demanding respect, not additional cash, even though they are only paid about 200 pesos-500 pesos ($17.90-$44.76) per episode. The advantage to Grabaciones in not hiring union actors is they do not have to provide health insurance and other benefits, which is required from union members.

Rights owner Fox Channels is staying out of the fracas.

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