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Infogrames Nails Men In Black, Peanuts' Rights

France-based Infogrames has announced that it has gained the gaming rights to the TV animated series, MEN IN BLACK, PEANUTS and the live-action film and TV versions of LA FEMME NIKITA. In addition, Infogrames is also in talks to secure the license for TERMINATOR and MEN IN BLACK 2. The rumored bids for the TERMINATOR property are upwards of US$10 million. Games for the first two TERMINATOR films were created by video game producer Ocean, which Infogrames acquired in November 1996. Infogrames is currently producing next-generation titles based on DC Comics and WB Kids animated versions of SUPERMAN. Last year Infogrames opened a branch in Los Angeles and acquired GT Interactive in an attempt to have closer relationships with Hollywood film studios.

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