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I Am Legend Returns to Graphic Novel Format

IDW Publishing is set to re-release the definitive visual adaptation of Richard Matheson's classic vampire novel I AM LEGEND. When IDW Publishing first released its graphic adaptation of I AM LEGEND, the trade paperback became an immediate best-seller and quickly sold out. Now IDW will resurrect the out-of-print book with a new deluxe edition that showcases the original novel's vision in advance of the December film adaptation, starring Will Smith, from Warner Bros. Pictures.

The story of the last man on an Earth overrun by undead has seen life as a movie several times already, including the Vincent Price 1964 chiller THE LAST MAN ON EARTH, which Matheson disliked so much that he removed his name from the writing credits, and Charlton Heston's THE OMEGA MAN, a 1971 film that became a commentary on modern society at the expense of the tale's vampiric elements.

"Our book is a very faithful adaptation of the novel itself," says Chris Ryall, IDW's publisher/editor-in-chief. "The upcoming movie will tell a variation on the story, but the graphic novel adaptation is the definitive take on the Richard Matheson book that has captured generations of fans."

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