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Gnomon Workshop Offers Seven New DVDs

The Gnomon Workshop has released seven new leading edge DVDs covering photogrammetry, digital set design and ZBrush techniques.

Introducing the photographic realm to the Gnomon Workshop digital library, Gnomon welcomes Greg Downing, whos DVDs introduce you to the fundamentals of photogrammetry, the process of creating 3D environments from panoramas. Downings DVDs give you an in-depth lesson on capturing high-resolution environments, building sets from those images and reconstructing the resulting environment in 3D. Downing, a highly accomplished photographer and artist, has created images for years and worked at Realviz in France and as a technical director for Rhythm & Hues Studios in Los Angeles.

They also introduce the first DVDs from The Gnomon Workshops Eric Hanson, a master modeler for such films as THE FIFTH ELEMENT, BICENTENNIAL MAN, MISSION TO MARS, HOLLOW MAN, CAST AWAY and THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. He provides a detailed look into his set-creation process. Hansons three invaluable Urban Environment DVDs teach you to design, model, light, texture, render and composite a digital set using Maya and Shake.

Adding to the very successful ZBrush titles, Gnomons director Alex Alvarez returns to DVD production with the creation of his first ZBrush title. Adding a character dimension to this popular series, his eight-hour DVD teaches students to model and texture a head using this powerful package.

Were very excited about these new titles, said Alvarez. Greg Downings DVDs highlight the unique techniques hes developed in the field of panoramic spherical photography and image based modeling. Eric Hanson, a leader in creating digital sets for film, offers DVDs that introduce the student to digital set creation. These are great additions to the Gnomon Workshop library, and for anyone interested in learning great techniques from these highly talented artists.

Founded in 2000, The Gnomon Workshop ( produces art-training DVDs for the visual industries. Created by professional artists who work in all areas of the visual effects industry, including many of our favorite films, games, product design and fine art, these DVDs give artists the real information they need to succeed in the visual arts industry. With titles in both digital and traditional disciplines, the Gnomon Workshop catalogue covers everything from robots to cars, to creatures and environments.