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GDH to Team with Eminence Symphony Orchestra for Romeo & Juliet

Japanese animation house GDH is producing the first animated series based on Shakespeare's ROMEO AND JULIET. The soundtrack for the animated series, produced by GDH's main production subsidiary GONZO K.K. will be performed by the Eminence Symphony Orchestra the celebrated orchestra based in Sydney, led by founder/artistic director Hiroaki Yura.

Directed by Fumitoshi Oizaki and scheduled for broadcast in April 2007, Chubu Nippon Broadcasting and SKY Perfect Well Think are partnering with GDH on ROMEO AND JULIET (, which will be broadcast on Chubu, the TBS web and other stations across the country.

The new series, set against a quasi-medieval background reminiscent of the original play, will revive the classic tale of love, adding innovative twists to the storyline accompanied by GONZO's incredible visuals and first-rate music. Twenty-eight of the 39 tracks provided for the show by renowned composer Hitoshi Sakimoto will be performed by Eminence.

Eminence was established in 2003 in Australia as the first orchestra in the world to specialize in music for video games and animation. It is highly recognized for its performances of scores for animations, films and videogames.

The story is set in an aero-polis called Neo Verona. Blessed with mysterious powers, the city had prospered under the rule of the Capulet family, until 14 years ago, when the House of Montague's mutiny overthrew the Capulet government. Now under the rule of the Montagues, the city suffers from oppression and poverty. The trees have withered and the earth has dried. The water has become stagnant and a dense fog has enveloped the city.

Juliet is the only surviving member of the Capulets. She has vowed to avenge her murdered parents. Romeo is the successor of Montague, the oppressive ruler of Neo Verona who had destroyed Juliet's family 14 years earlier. When the star-crossed lovers are drawn together, the fates of the feuding families and the city start to intertwine.

Story editor on the series is Reiko Yoshida, character design is by Hiroki Harada, the music score is by Hitoshi Sakimoto and sound editor is Junichi Sato.

Broadcast schedule:Chubu Nippon Broadcasting: 1:45 am, April 4Tokyo Broadcasting System: 2:40 am, April 13 (starting 2:25 am from following week and on)SUN TV: 1:10 am, April 17Kyoto Broadcasting System: 1:30 am, April 20(The above dates and times are subject to change.)

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