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EXPOSÉ 2 Available

Ballistic Publishing has announced the publication of EXPOSÉ 2, the second edition of the industry's acclaimed art book celebrating the creative talents of digital artists worldwide. EXPOSÉ 1 was sold in 68 countries worldwide and won numerous awards. Pre-order information, page galleries, award winning images and more are available at

EXPOSÉ 2 limited edition is available for a special pre-order price of AU$149.25, which includes shipping to anywhere in the world. To take advantage of this special offer, you must pay upfront. After May 30, 2004, EXPOSE' 2 limited editions will be sold for AU$199. Pre-order now at the Ballistic Publishing store ( The EXPOSÉ 2 Page Gallery may be viewed at (

In addition to showcasing the world's best digital art, the EXPOSÉ 2 Awards celebrate the highest artistic achievement in a diverse range of categories and styles. The award recipients demonstrated the astounding fusion of artistic and technical excellence that the explosion of digital tools opens up to the modern artist. In most categories EXPOSÉ 2 honors 3D and 2D (illustration) entries separately. Master (gold) and Excellence (silver) were awarded in the following categories:

* Character in Repose* Character in Action* Mechanical* Still Life* Architectural* Environment* Fantasy* Abstract & Design* Humorous* Transport* Evocative* Grand Master Award (to be announced)

The EXPOSÉ 2 award winners may be viewed at

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