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DPS Film Roman and Rob Zombie To Make El Superbeasto DVD

DPS Film Roman and Rob Zombie, the legendary multi-platinum musician/artist/writer/and director of the cult-classic film HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES, have signed an agreement to produce an animated DVD feature based on his Spookshow International comic book EL SUPERBEASTO. Anchor Bay Entertainment will handle domestic video distribution while IDT Entertainment Sales will be responsible for international distribution. This is a true demonstration of IDT company as all three companies are part of IDT Entertainment ,a subsidiary of IDT Corp., a multinational telecom, entertainment and technology company based in Newark, New Jersey.

Zombie will serve as exec producer and scribe on THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO to feature the adventures of the crime-fighting secret agent, El Superbeasto, a massive over-the-hill masked wrestler who has more interest in strippers than adventure, but still manages to get involved with murdering super-intelligent gorillas, Liverpoolian zombies and Dr. Satan a manic depressive mad scientist with a penchant for finding the perfect woman. Joining him on his escapades is his sister, Suzie X, a sexy super-spy adventurer, and her sidekick, a 10-foot tall robot named Marvin, who digs Barry Manilow and Michael Bolton.

Look out world, here comes EL SUPERBEASTO, another genre blending creation from the brilliant comic imagination of Rob Zombie, said John Hyde, ceo of DPS Film Roman. Robs fans can look for DPS Film Roman to create a unique animated style that brings the characters to life and that will leave the audience laughing and screaming for more.

EL SUPERBEASTO is AUSTIN POWERS meets THE MUNSTERS by way of HARD DAYS NIGHT, said Zombie. The bizarre stories and insane characters are perfect for animation and DPS Film Roman is the best animation studio to bring the comic to life.

No stranger to animation, Zombie worked with Beavis and Butt-head creator Mike Judge on a key scene for the film Beavis and Butt-head Do America. Zombie designed the classic hallucination sequence for the film between gigs.

Rob Zombies film, HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES, released by Lions Gate Entertainment, grossed some $13 million at the box office on less than 900 screens, and was released on DVD by Lions Gate. Zombies next film, THE DEVILS REJECTS, is in production and is set to be released in 2005 from Lions Gate. Zombies songs have also been featured in several other recent box office hits, including THE MATRIX RELOADED, DAREDEVIL and THE SCORPION KING.

DPS Film Roman, currently celebrating its 20th anniversary in Los Angeles, is the leading independent animation company known for the hit shows THE SIMPSONS and KING OF THE HILL. The award-winning studio is also co-producing the 3D series TRIPPING THE RIFT, which airs on Thursday nights at 10:30 p.m. on the Sci Fi Channel. Through its division Forum Visual Effects, the studio also produces visual effects for television and feature films such as I, ROBOT, DAREDEVIL, HARTS WAR and MISS CONGENIALITY.

Anchor Bay Entertainment is one of the largest independent home video distributors of DVDs and videos to retail outlets, and has a significant presence in the children, horror and fitness genres. Anchor Bays library consists of more than 3,500 owned or licensed titles.

Newly formed IDT Entertainment Sales (IDTeS) is responsible for the worldwide sales and marketing of IDT Ent. properties, which include in-house productions of animated features, series, specials and live action feature films. In addition, IDTeS acquires third-party properties for global distribution.