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DPS to CG Animate Happily N'Ever After

Digital Production Solutions (DPS), the animation unit of IDT Media, has entered into a production services agreement with German-based Berlin Animation Film (BAF) as the sole animator of HAPPILY N'EVER AFTER, a computer-animated feature that reworks classic Grimm Bros. fairy tales. The feature will utilize DPS' Global Animation Studio, its worldwide network of satellite animation facilities, and is scheduled for theatrical release in late 2004. The film's voice talents include Sigourney Weaver, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr., George Carlin, Andy Dick, Wallace Shawn and Patrick Warburton. Paul Bolger will direct from an original script by Robert Moreland. Rainer Soehnlein is exec producer. SHREK and SHREK 2 producer and Vanguard Films principal John H. Williams will produce. Michael Algar is the line producer.

HAPPILY N'EVER AFTER tells the story of the world of fairy tales turned upside down. When the scales of good and evil tip towards the evil side, Cinderella, The Prince, The Seven Dwarfs, and assorted Fairy Godmothers battle the forces of fairy tale evil, led by Frieda, the Empress of Evil, to bring it back in balance.

"HAPPILY N'EVER AFTER is the perfect vehicle to showcase DPS' animation capabilities," boasted DPS president Morris Berger. As part of the agreement, DPS will perform animation services on the film including, modeling, rigging, texturing, color, location construction, 3D workbook, lighting, effects, rendering and compositing.

"DPS' unique global network allows it to deliver high quality computer graphic animation work at lower costs," added Vanguard president Williams.

In March 2003, DPS acquired rights to STARPOINT ACADEMY and CHAR, both Gene Roddenberry creations. STARPOINT ACADEMY is presently in production. In May 2003, DPS acquired a controlling interest in Film Roman, the animation company well known for its production work on THE SIMPSONS, KING OF THE HILL and other popular broadcast television programs. In July 2003, DPS entered into a partnership agreement with Vanguard Animation to co-produce and co-own all Vanguard properties Vanguard has a deal a place with Disney to complete 4 CG features. The first film, VALIANT, is presently in production. Recently, IDT Media announced it has a binding letter of intent to acquire a controlling interest in Mainframe Entertainment.

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