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Cuppa Coffee Promos Kids Next Door Season Three

Cuppa Coffee wrapped up two :30 promos for the launch of the third season of the Cartoon Network's CODENAME: KID'S NEXT DOOR. The spots, based on an original Cartoon Network concept, see the characters preparing for their third season by staking out their opposition from the interior of their school bus and submarine. To realize this vision, the creative team at Cuppa Coffee led by creative director Warren Brown came up with a 2-1/2D mixed media approach, adding dimension and lighting to the original 2D designs.

The school bus and a submarine were built up in a 2-1/2D out of paper, wire and assorted parts from electronic and hardware stores to give the vehicles a sense of depth. These models were then shot over greenscreen, then animated in AfterEffects with digital collage backgrounds created in Photoshop.

The interiors of the vehicles were built as full sets, with camera moves shot in-camera as stop motion. This allowed for the shots to be to stitched together and sequenced, creating the illusion that the camera is gliding around the interiors in one continuous move. After Effects was used to integrate the characters into the scenes, adding shadows and lighting effects.

"The nature of the spot's surveillance theme allowed us to play with the monitors, using them to showcase clip montages," said Brown. "The clips were heavily treated with video scan-lines, grain and interference, giving them a surveillance camera quality. The edit itself picked up on shots of the kids' nemesis."

The monitors were designed for maximum flexibility, allowing for potential updates and re-use. A series of mattes and design/font elements were created so that the clips and information could be adapted for multiple uses quickly and easily.

"We've taken the design sensibilities of the show and created something new and interesting." said Brown. "Our goal, as always is to take the concept one step further, and in this case I think we've succeeded."

Cuppa Coffee president and owner Adam Shaheen added, "It's not just about doing great work. Ultimately it's about establishing symbiotic long-term partnerships, with great work creating great client relationships, and those relationships in turn inspiring great work."

Cuppa Coffee previously created promos for SAMURAI JACK, BILL AND MANDY, ROBOT JONES and SCOOBY-DOO among others.

Cuppa Coffee Credit List:Executive producer: Adam ShaheenSenior producer: Lisa HemeonCreative director: Warren BrownDirector of photography: Dean HolmesPost-production supervisor: Al PiazzaPost-production: Daniel RobinsonStoryboards/production design: Kalle MalloyGraphic designer: Nacho Peon

Cartoon Network Credits:Producer: Christina AugustinosWriter/producer: Billy ConeCreative director: Pete JohnsonDesign director: Kevin FitzgeraldAudio: J.C. Richardson