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CGI Casper haunts from Harvey

The Harvey Entertainment Company has announced an agreement with Canada'sMainframe Entertainment, Inc. to produce the first all-CGI direct-to-videofilm based on Harvey's Casper, the Friendly Ghost franchise. Production,which has already started, will be funded by Harvey Entertainment, with arelease to the home video market scheduled for Christmas 2000. A previouslive-action/CGI Casper direct-to-video feature, CASPER, A SPIRITEDBEGINNING, sold over 3 million copies worldwide. Alisha Serold, ExecutiveDirector of Production and Acquisitions at Harvey Entertainment willoversee production. Distribution rights are currently being discussed withan undisclosed, major studio. Mainframe Entertainment shows currently airon Cartoon Network, YTV, Fox Kids, and Fox Family Channel and includetitles such as BEAST MACHINES and WEIRD-OHS. The Vancouver-based company isalso involved in a three picture deal with IMAX to produce large-format CGIfilms, the first of which will be GULLIVER'S TRAVELS. With this newalliance and other recent ventures, Harvey Entertainment is aggressivelyusing its large library of well-known characters to try to propel thecompany into the future and solidify its bottom line.

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